Survivor 45: Does shorter season length still make sense?

Survivor 44

Given that this is the first week without new episodes of Survivor in a while, why not take a moment to look more to the future? We know that there are two more seasons coming, and there have been a few different things said about them already.

Take, for starters Survivor 45 … which once again filmed on Fiji, featured all-new players (plus the return of Bruce), and also ran for 26 days.

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We want to spend a minute discussing the latter part of this for a moment, largely because this seems to be such a contentious thing among the fandom and for some pretty understandable reasons. We know that producers are doing what they can to make the game as hard on the players as possible within a shorter period of time, but there was something about those 39-day seasons that added to the grueling nature of the game. It created more uncertainty with the weather, and also simply more chances for mental fatigue to settle in. Once upon a time, it was iconic to the game!

So why are we not going back to it, years removed from the onset of the global health crisis? We do think there’s a simple answer to this, even if it is not one that we really like to think about all that much: It is cheaper to make a 26-day show than a 39-day show. It is also a reason why the production is now pretty firmly planted within Fiji and has been now for a really long time.

Do we want more old-school Survivor components at some point?

Sure, but we’ve also gotta be realistic here. We’re not sure how many aspects of the older game are going to return within this current climate. In a way, we just have to be grateful that there is still a game to enjoy at all!

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What do you think about sticking to the shorter format with Survivor 45?

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