FROM season 2 episode 7 preview: Fatima’s pregnancy reveal?

FROM season 2

This weekend you are going to have a chance to see FROM season 2 episode 7 arrive on MGM+ and clearly, there is a lot to get into!

We’ve spoken a little bit already about one of the central struggles for Boyd, who now has a chance to try and figure out exactly how to defeat the monsters outside. This is an opportunity that was never quite there before, but it’s a risk — a huge risk — to see whether or not it is actually going to work. We’re going to need to exercise a little bit of patience here as we see the worm-infection theory tested out. Also, how many people are going to be brave enough to try it?

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For the next few paragraphs, though, what we really want to discuss a little bit further is Fatima’s potential pregnancy. It was heavily suggested in episode 6 that she could be expecting, and of course this is something we anticipate a larger payoff to at some point in episode 7. The promo also suggests that she and Ellis are about to have a conversation about it.

So what would such a pregnancy reveal? The idea that life can be created in this world is incredibly important, but then you also have to wonder what could happen with this baby. Note that we don’t want to live in some sort of fictional world here where the baby is evil or the “chosen one,” as we have seen those tropes played out before. Instead, this is an opportunity to really do something different and honestly, we’d love to see that explored a little bit more.

We certainly think the idea of life being created is proof that these characters are not dead, and that time in some way is moving forward in this world. Yet, this is a story that may not even play out fully until a potential season 3.

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What do you think we are going to see with Fatima moving into FROM season 2 episode 7 on MGM+?

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