‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ rankings: Party’s over for the amigos

SurvivorWhile it made many a “Survivor” fan to see Malcolm Freberg leave the game last week, it happened, and now the show has to find a way to move forward without him. There’s no question that viewers love a guy who plays that hard, and no one else remaining really either wants to be an aggressive gameplayer, or simply has no need to.

The only thing that we know for sure at the moment is that with Malcolm’s exit, the remaining two members of the “Three Amigos” are going to be huge trouble. Our rankings, for those new to the site, are based on what we’ve seen in the story, along with challenge ability and strategy each playing a very important role. Note that there is a double-elimination this week, but we’re assuming it comes via two separate tribal councils.

The rankings

8. Reynold Toepfer (last week: 8) – He has almost no shot, unless he can convince an alliance to flip to him in order to gain a better position on the totem pole. Sadly for them, the beauty of the former-known-as Stealth R Us alliance is that they all think that they are in a good spot, and so the motivation to flip just isn’t there. If he loses immunity and can’t find another idol, he’s a goner.

7. Eddie Fox (7) – There’s no reason to think that Eddie will also survive this week’s episode, though he may have a better shot if he survives the first vote. He could enter tribal council at 7 as a lone wolf, and much less of a threat; therefore, if someone really believes it in their best interest to get rid of a larger strategic player, they can do so.

6. Andrea Boehlke (6) – Andrea may be that strategic threat. There has to be a reason why her name keeps coming up as a possible target, and we’re guessing it’s because people in her own alliance keep talking about her.

5. Sherri Biethman (4) – Now comes the time when we start to really base these rankings on more than just who will make it to the end, but who will win. The truth is that it would be brilliant to carry Sherri that far, since she really hasn’t done much of anything since the merge and is not particularly well-liked by many of the other Fans. However, we give her a 1% chance of actually winning.

4. Erik Reichenbach (5) – Erik could win a la Fabio if he makes the final tribal council, but we don’t see that happening. He’s too likable, and while he has a couple weeks left in him, he almost seems destined to go around 5th or 4th, just like in his last go-around in this game.

3. Dawn Meehan (2) – We give Dawn around a 10% chance of winning the game, but only if she makes it there along with Sherri and someone like Erik who hasn’t really done much of anything. Dawn’s biggest strength is that people trust her, but that will hurt her in front of a jury with people on it who feel betrayed.

2. Brenda Lowe (3) – Thanks to the uptick in airtime for Brenda this week, we give her a boost here. Remember that Sophie Clarke was ignored for a good chunk of her season, and she ended up winning. There is still enough time left for her to make a few big moves, and we know she is capable of doing it from her first season.

1. John Cochran (1) – It’s almost ridiculous how big of a favorite Cochran is at this point, given that no one wants him out, he has great allies all around, and he’s still seen as enough of an underdog that he could win unanimously in the end. He’s even won challenges! We don’t know what else you could ask of the guy.

Who is your favorite to win it all? Be sure to vote in the poll below! If you haven’t caught the preview yet for Wednesday night’s “Survivor,” be sure to do so here.

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