Succession season 4 episode 10 (finale): The most popular theory

Succession season 4With us only being a couple of days from seeing Succession season 4 episode 10, let’s go ahead and pose the following: What is the most popular theory tied to this show? Does anyone have a super-clear idea as to how a lot of these stories are going to tie together?

Well, over the past few days we have scoured the internet and looked at some various possible outcomes for how things could tie together. While we’ve seen dozens of various well-thought theories, one seems to stand out above the rest. It is one that makes a lot of sense based on the events of the past few episodes, and it is definitely one that invokes The Godfather Part II.

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Let’s dive into it here for a moment, as we are speaking about the possibility that Kendall Roy gets the company, but loses everything along the way. He sits, therefore, on a paper throne surrounded by no real subjects. We already know that Jess is leaving him, and Rava clearly wants little to do with him. His relationship with his siblings is already strained, and he could be the one to shank both Roman and Shiv further based on what he knows about him.

For the earlier part of the season, Logan really chastised Kendall and wondered if he was enough of a “killer” to lead the company — we’re speaking metaphorically, and not trying to make some cruel joke about the end of season 1. A lot of the actions of Jeremy Strong’s character these past few weeks have almost tried to contradict his father’s claims, whether it is intentional or not.

Is Kendall going to be happy?

We’re not sure that he even knows what happiness is. Finding joy has never been the character’s intention, and we don’t think we as viewers should expect some joyful ending. Even if this is the most predictable outcome to the series, this is not a bad thing provided that it makes sense … but that is the big “if” at the moment, and it is hard to say anything with absolute confidence.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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