Succession series finale: HBO downplays spin-off talk

Succession season 4With the Succession series finale set for HBO this weekend, of course there is continued talk all about a possible spin-off. We know that there will be a desire for it among fans, and we also tend to think that the network would not shy away from a worthy idea.

As for whether or not it’s going to happen, that’s a totally different story. Even though HBO is making a franchise out of Game of Thrones, they don’t tend to force the issue with off-shoots. It is one of the reasons why many of their iconic shows end without one. They care about quality the most, and we are going to see that happen in this situation, as well.

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Some of you may be aware already of the fact that creator Jesse Armstrong does not appear keen to do another show with these characters. While he had some ideas with season 5, they are not going to happen. Speaking to Deadline, HBO exec Francesca Orsi made it clear where things stand behind the scenes:

“I’ll never say never but my instinct and based on a number of conversations about the evolution of Succession and these characters, at this stage, there is no intention of spinning any one character off … Jesse, should he do a series again, I think it will be entirely original. Whether it’s based on IP or not, I’m not sure, but it will be a new show, a new idea entirely.”

Orsi added that once the writers’ strike is over, she is looking forward to discussing other ideas with Armstrong on what his next project could be. Unsurprisingly, the network would love nothing more than to continue to work with him in some capacity.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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