Survivor 44 episode 13 (finale): Who won the season?

Survivor 44Tonight on CBS, we are getting Survivor 44 episode 13 — otherwise known as the all-important finale! So who is the winner? Well, consider this piece your source of updates!

This has been a really grate season from start to finish, but we will say that there has been one potential weak point: The editing. For most of the post-merge game, it felt like Yam Yam and Carolyn were really the only two viable winner contenders — while Carson hovered around as a possibility, there was always something odd with his edit. Tika didn’t always have the most members around, but they dominated strategically and controlled a number of the votes.

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Entering the finale, we had a chance to see Carolyn, Yam Yam, Carson, Lauren, and Heidi take off to a new beach, one where they would have a chance to fight their way to the finish line.

So what happened from here?

Carson was clearly the biggest target at final five, but he was spared by him winning immunity. Then, things got a little bit crazy as Yam Yam’s name got out there. However, Lauren went into Tribal Council saying that she was going to be the vote … and she was.

At the final four, Heidi won immunity, and the first thing she made clear at Tribal Council is that Carson needed to make fire. Then, she put herself into fire-making and absolutely destroyed. This was one of the most dominant fire wins that we’ve ever seen.

When we got to the final vote…

This was actually one of the best final Tribal Councils that we’ve ever seen! All three of the contestants gave really solid pitches, and it was incredibly hard to read what the jury was going to do. We would’ve said Heidi had no shot going in, but she sold herself well.

Yet, the winner was Yam Yam! Not only that, but the vote was close to unanimous. Heidi got one vote and that was it…

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Going into the Survivor 44 finale, who did you expect to see as the big winner?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, remember to also stay tuned for all sorts of other updates down the road.

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