‘Hell’s Kitchen’ review: Gordon Ramsay’s up to his old tricks

Hell's KitchenTuesday night’s “Hell’s Kitchen” at times felt like a comedy … or at least a comedy of errors. There was such a plethora of mistakes made here on steak night, which led to some classic Gordon Ramsay moments. He swore, he smashed things, he berated a man not that much older than him for being a “senior,” and he of course kicked multiple people out of the kitchen.

After the Red Team won (yet another) reward, things started to unravel when Amanda ended up admitting that she did not understand meat temperatures that well. She was then paired up with Jacqueline, who has made a number of mistakes over the season when running a station. These two ladies (along with the always-outspoken Nedra and Cyndi) were all tossed, and it led to a pretty embarrassing lost against a team of guys who have struggled time and time again. The strangest thing is that Mary had a hair in someone’s burger, and yet she stayed put in the kitchen.

By the end of the episode, we actually did not have that much of an idea just who the chef was going to send home, mostly because there were quite a few deserving candidates at the end of the day. Amanda pretty much fell on her own sword and went on the block, and she was joined by a much more unwilling participant: Jacqueline. (Somehow, Mary was safe yet again by the team.)

Jacqueline in the end was the one who went home, and it seems to be mostly the result of her having cumulative mistakes more than just one bad week. The ladies now have to pick up the pieces, and try to get back on top.

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Photo: Fox

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