Ted Lasso season 3 episode 11: Coach Beard’s shocking backstory

Ted Lasso season 3We had quite the suspicion entering Ted Lasso season 3 episode 11 that there could be some surprises … but did you see that coming with Coach Beard?

For the first time in really the entire show, we got some major backstory on who this guy was, separate from some weird one-liners and that one episode almost exclusively about him. He and Ted played special teams during their time in college football, but it turns out that after they were done, Beard actually found himself in prison for a time! Also, at one point Beard even stole his car after that. This is a guy who has made a lot of mistakes in his past, but managed to eventually turn his life around. Ted gave him another chance.

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So why does all of this matter right now? It was mostly a matter of Nate understanding why it was important to forgive Nate and invite him back to the team. He was going to be angrier than anyone when it comes to his initial betrayal, mostly because he is so loyal to Ted and has been for a substantial period of time. He’s going to protect the person he cares about.

Meanwhile, the thing about Nate is that it’s been clear for a good while now that he is not necessarily some evil person. He suffers from a lot of insecurity, and that’s one of the reasons why he didn’t even apologize to Ted face to face right away. He wanted the job back at Richmond, but at the same exact time, trying to find a way to go about that was not an altogether easy thing for him to do.

We imagine that we’ll see Nate back at some point in the finale — and hopefully, that will guide us to a good future for him at the club.

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