‘The Following’ season 2 spoilers: James Purefoy on Joe Carroll going global

The FollowingIs it the end for Joe Carroll on “The Following”? This is surely a question that many a fan of the series are looking for some sort of an answer to at the moment, but it’s also a question that you are not going to get an answer to for quite some time. The way in which executive producer Kevin Williamson decided to end the story for this character in the finale Monday night was perfectly-planned: There was enough evidence at the scene of the fire to suggest that Joe had indeed bitten the dust, but at the same time, there was also still that tiny sliver of ambiguity that suggests that without a body, he could still be out there somewhere. After all, he could have planned ahead for this just like with anything else he has done.

Of course, James Purefoy is not going to be so kind as to share the future for his character on the show’s upcoming second season, however the actor did explain to E! News a little bit of how, dead or alive, Joe’s mission may have been picked up by a number of people that Ryan Hardy has yet to even meet:

“All we’ve seen so far is a quite small geographical area where most of the action took place, and that was in Richmond, Virginia … I also am very aware that Joe’s Internet chat rooms and his websites, and all those things, some of which have been found some haven’t, are going full. So frankly, Joe can go anywhere.”

So could Hardy be forced to go global in season 2? It’s possible, and if nothing else we will certainly see him tracking down some new villains. If Joe is somehow still alive, we can’t imagine him revealing himself  at least for the first few episodes of the new season.

Do you think that Joe could have survived? If you want to see what Williamson himself has to say on the future of the series, all you have to do is take a look at the story here.

Photo: Fox

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