Survivor 44 finale preview: How will the jury vote?

Survivor 44

As we prepare for the Survivor 44 finale tomorrow night on CBS, why not talk about one of the most important facets in the jury? They are the ones who control the final outcome, and they do have an interesting decision on their hands.

Entering the finale Heidi, Lauren, Carson, Yam Yam, and Carolyn are still competing. While we tend to think the three Tika members are far and away the favorites, there’s always room for flexibility in the game. With that, this feels like a good spot as any to discuss how the jury will look at the three different aspects of the game.

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Strategy – We do think that this particular era of the game prioritizes that first. If you can explain your game succinctly and also the moves that you made with confidence, you’ll win a lot of major points. Carson is probably the best strategist left, with Carolyn in second place.

Strategy is often confident. While Heidi can argue that she made some moves, can she fully explain or justify them? That’s the trickier part for her.

Social game – Of this category we tend to think that Yam Yam has it fully in the bag. If he makes it to the end, this will be his biggest asset. He’s likable, funny, and has a great story. We’d put Carolyn up there as well, and don’t discount Lauren — she’s fought hard and has a personal backstory that could be appealing.

Carson seems like he’ll do a decent job here, but our one concern is that speaking of his love of the game and underdog story may not be enough.

Challenges – Lauren has multiple wins, and she is a threat there — heck, so is Carson thanks to his puzzle ability! However, we don’t think anyone has been dominant enough in these this season for this to play a major role.

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What do you think is going to happen over the course of the Survivor 44 finale?

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