Succession series finale: Could Greg really end up in charge?

Succession season 4As we get prepared for the Succession series finale on HBO this weekend, we might as well tackle a huge theory that is out there. Is there actually a chance that Cousin Greg, of all people, ends up being the person in charge of this company at the end of the show?

On paper, it would be pretty easy to sit here and say that the idea of this is fundamentally absurd. Greg is largely a buffoon whose biggest skill appears to be just being amenable to just about anything. If you offer him something, he will flip sides in a split-second. He’s a rat desperate for even that tiny piece of cheese. Yet, he may be able to fall upwards to a position of great power.

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Here is the theory that is out there right now: Matsson may need an American CEO in order to appease Mencken with the Waystar deal. However, Shiv feels like too simple an answer for the sake of the story. Also, remember for a moment that Mencken doesn’t like Shiv and his misogynistic tendencies will probably reign supreme here. Also, Lukas may want someone who is more easily controlled. This is where Nicholas Braun’s character could come into play.

After all, think about it like this: Greg still has the Roy family legacy, so that is not a concern to shareholders. Also, he “knows the company” and that can be sold. He also satisfies Mencken’s conditions. Would he be a good boss? No! He’d be terrible, but Matsson may not care if he is pulling the strings anyway.

Will this really happen?

We do understand the theories that are out there, but at the end of the day, shouldn’t we believe that Lukas wants someone in the job that is at least competent at a basic level? He can’t be looking over Waystar all the time!

It’s hard to rule out the Greg theory; however, Succession does need to tow the line between satire and realism. There needs to be a happy medium in there somewhere.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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