The Blacklist season 10 episode 13: Is Reddington dying?

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Is Reddington going to die before The Blacklist season 10 comes to a close? This is a question we’ve obviously wondered before, especially back in season 8 when he was obviously ill. However, it has come to the forefront more than ever now, thanks in part to some of his actions.

Take, for example, back on “The Man in the Hat” when we saw the character go out of the way to get an art catalogue for Agnes. Or, during this episode, as he decided to give away money and a number of his valuable possessions to people he cared about. These are not the actions of a man who is still interested in running some sort of vast criminal enterprise. Instead, he looks like a guy who is winding down his life and unburdening himself.

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So if Reddington is dying, it does come back around to a pretty important question here: Why isn’t he saying something about it? Why stay silent? Well, he just doesn’t have that many people he trusts or opens up to. We could see him telling Agnes or maybe Cooper in due time, but Dembe is not at his side anymore.

Also, there is something to be said for the man wanting to go out on his own terms, if this is something that is a real priority for him — and we do think it very much is. He has never been someone who has concerned himself all that much with the thoughts or perceptions of others, so we certainly do not think that this is something he would put a lot of time into now. Instead, it is about shaping his legacy, whether that be with specific gifts or key memories.

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