Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 10 (finale): Tommy’s advice

Power Book II: Ghost season 3Sure, there are a few things to be excited about entering Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 10, a.k.a. the big finale. How can there not be?

Well, we should go ahead and note that the top story may be Tommy, mostly because of the fact that he’s back! This character is iconic, and it goes without saying that we welcome him in whatever form that he turns up. Based on what we saw last night, he was ready to take out Tasha, Tariq, or almost anyone else. However, are things really going to stay that way?

While we can’t guarantee that Tommy will have a huge role in the finale, we know that Joseph Sikora will be appearing, based on the promo. There’s a scene where he and Tariq are in yet another (potentially violent) standoff, and Tommy has a piece of advice to throw at him: “You want to survive? You’re either a civilian or a gangster.”

Basically, Tommy is giving Tariq the same sort of advice Ghost was handed time and time again. He tried to live in two worlds and in doing that, he made himself vulnerable. Tariq may be arrogant enough to avoid this advice; or, he may think that he can turn clean and not become a criminal mastermind. This could all be a story that is explored a little further in episode 4, as opposed to exactly where we are right now.

Nonetheless, Tommy’s words here are going to impact Tariq in some way. Also, they obviously leave this scene without killing each other. There is another season of Power Book IV: Force down the road, and we know that Ghost is also coming back for a season 4. We personally would love to see more crossovers between the two programs — of course, provided that it makes a certain degree of sense.

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Do you think that Tariq is going to listen to Tommy’s advice on Power Book II: Ghost season 3 moving forward?

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