The Last Thing He Told Me season 1 finale: ‘Could’ve been boys’

The Last Thing He Told Me season 1
We anticipated that The Last Thing He Told Me would deliver a shocking ending in its season 1 finale … but what was the meaning of that final line?

Let’s summarize things quickly: The end of episode 7 brings us five years into the future, when Hannah is at an exhibition and runs into a bearded, straggly version of Owen. She drops papers all over the floor, and in the process of picking them up, Owen says “the could’ve been boys still love you” before leaving.

What does this mean? Well, within the context of the story, this is a reference to the men in Hannah’s past, those who could’ve been with her. If we are to extrapolate it for a moment, this is Owen telling her he still loves her before slipping away.

Why do this at this point? That is a huge question to be left thinking about, given that he could have easily just took off and allowed her to go ahead and live her life. That did not happen and instead, she’s going to have this dancing around in her head for quite some time. Does this mean that Owen is actually safe?

Well, if nothing else, the ending does show that Hannah made a good decision by allowing her and Bailey to dictate their own future, restarting their lives somewhere that they can have a certain element of happiness for themselves. They’ve clearly gone very close since the harrowing events in Austin, to the point where they now have a more traditional parent-child relationship. Yet, we spent so little time in the future, it is hard to say more than that.

Instead, this finale is mostly one that leaves us struggling to find answers to what could be…

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