Survivor 44 finale preview: Is it Carolyn’s game to lose?

Survivor 44In just under one week’s time we will see the Survivor 44 finale surface on CBS, and of course there are SO many things to be excited about! Think in terms of great drama, gameplay, and of course an opportunity to see who we think will be a worthy winner.

For the record, we also tend to think that Carolyn is the person most intriguing right now as a candidate. Does she have the inside track on winning the game? Well, it’s complicated.

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The biggest thing that Carolyn has going for her right now is her story — she’s been underestimated all season but was always playing. She had an immunity idol, solid allies, and has shown that she is really smart and perceptive. She may not have realized that there was so much chatter about her leaving the game last night, but it didn’t matter. Because she played that idol for Carson, she likely bought more loyalty where he wasn’t on board with her going. That made it so that Yam Yam may have been more reluctant to go for this and put a bigger target on his back later.

Carolyn’s made great moves, and it comes down now to if she can argue it — and also, if she can get rid of Yam Yam. If she does that, she wins without question. If the two are in the final two together, we think it becomes a fascinating debate. Carolyn has shown herself to be the better strategic player, whereas Yam Yam has shown himself to be the stronger social player. He may be one of the most likable people in recent memory! This could be one of those cases where there are a lot of jury members who go into the vote really undecided as to what they want to do.

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Do you think that Carolyn is best set up right now to win Survivor 44 at the end?

Who do you think wins between her and Yam Yam? Share in the comments! Also, stay tuned for other updates.

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