Survivor 44 episode 12: Jaime Lynn Ruiz voted out at final 6

Survivor 44Tonight, Survivor 44 episode 12 presented some huge challenges for a lot of players. If you are Yam Yam, do you take out Carolyn? Let’s make it clear: This was a tough strategic decision. It was also a difficult personal decision.

When Lauren won immunity, a real debate started to wage on amongst the players. Jaime was an easy person to take out at this point, since she probably didn’t have an idol and it kept Tika strong.

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It is weird to say that Yam Yam should keep Carolyn since she’s a big threat, but doing so was the best way to guarantee a solid place in the final four. If you get rid of her here, you run the risk of Heidi, Jaime, and Lauren being in control at the final five, unless you win immunity or find an idol. That’s a tricky thing. However, apparently Carolyn is great at making fire, so you don’t want to keep her around for that.

Then, you have this question: Do you want to secure a spot in the final four, or give yourself the best chance of winning the game?

What happened at Tribal Council?

Everyone attested to how emotional a decision this was going to be, and we honestly don’t blame any of them for feeling a little bit conflict. The edit certainly made it seem like we could be seeing Carolyn’s exit from the game, and she was legitimately worried about it.

Heidi played her idol, but that’s not something that anyone should have been honestly worried about. She didn’t get any votes. There were two votes for Jaime and then four for Carolyn, and that meant Jaime was gone from the game.

Was this a mistake? Time will tell…

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