Yellowjackets season 2 episode 8 spoilers: A big Van shift ahead?

Yellowjackets season 2In just over 24 hours Yellowjackets season 2 episode 8 is coming to Showtime, and it is fair to say that big things are ahead! That is true for a lot of the team in the past, but also for the women in the present.

For the sake of this article, though, we want to stay fixated on what’s going on with the survivors of the plane crash in the aftermath of Shauna losing her baby. It’s a big, transformative moment not just for this character, but also for some of the people around her. This includes Van, who had spent some time leaning into more of the supernatural-adjacent parts of the show. She believed in Lottie, but what happened to the baby may change things. To be specific, this snaps the character back to reality in a really important way … one that could help to change everything moving forward.

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Speaking in a new chat with Collider Forces, here is some of what Liv Hewson (who plays the younger version of Van) had to say about this moment:

“That scene is about a real gear shift that’s happened because the baby died. Up until then, particularly with the ritual stuff that Lottie has had the team doing that Van has really been clinging to, it’s this thing of like, ‘Well, but it works because I did survive the wolf attack, and you were wearing my deer bone necklace in the tree and you were totally fine and I had my face ripped open. She’s right because you were sleepwalking and now you’re not anymore.’ It’s this real clinging that Van’s been doing to the idea that hope is possible out here and if we can’t escape, if help isn’t coming, then we can survive if we just lean into this thing even if we don’t understand it. And then the baby dies, and it’s like, ‘What am I f—ing doing? Winter’s going on still, we don’t have anything more to eat, and the baby died. And it was horrible. Shauna’s still here, but by what margin and for how long? I do think it’s time we all woke up.’ It’s a real — it’s not like a giving up necessarily, but it’s a shift in the things that she believes and how much hope she’s got.”

Basically, moving forward the Yellowjackets may view some things differently, and this quote does explain why Van appears to be more well-adjusted in the present. She’s not clinging to all the same stuff anymore! That is important to understanding where she is now in the present and as a result of that, where she could be down the road.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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