‘Big Brother Canada’ spoilers: Who could come back for more?

Big Brother CanadaBefore we start this “Big Brother Canada” piece about future returning players, a warning: There will be some spoilers in here about footage not seen yet on the show. If you want to be surprised about everything on Wednesday’s show, stop reading now.

During the “dark days” without live feeds on every season of “Big Brother” before the finale, we like to ask the question, given that we have seen enough footage at this point to have a real answer: Who from this season could return for more? Admittedly, this is a show that is far away from bringing back players, especially since it has not even been renewed for a second season yet. However, since the houseguests talked about it on hours on end, we feel more than fine to bring it up here.

We’re going to divide the contenders up into several groups, ranging from the locks to return to the people who really have no shot at all.

Sure things

Emmett – Sure, he got disqualified in a few challenges. But he has been a dominant physical and strategic player. Thanks to the Power of Veto, he also seems to be the overwhelming favorite to win this game. You have to bring back the original winner, right?

Gary – He’s big, loud, and incredible entertainment. Gary would throw glitter all over the house all over again. He’s basically the Canadian version of Rachel Reilly if you think about the way he plays, except with a little less when it comes to an “us against them” mentality. He also likely still has a chance to win the game, given that Emmett’s plan when the feeds went down was to keep him over Talla.

Strong contenders

Jillian – Her case is helped if she wins, since her biggest flaw right now may be having limited entertainment value save for her showmance with Emmett.

Talla – Supremely entertaining, but unlike Gary, completely inept in competitions. This is only if producers have enough physical players for another season.

Peter / Alec – Either member of the Shield could be a part of another season, as they are huge fans of the show and gamers. We give Peter a slight edge over Alec, and they would both be locks had they made it into the final four.

Could be considered

Tom / Liza – Remember that “Big Brother” does consider pre-jury players sometimes, and this pair did create plenty of chaos in the house for some time. While Tom may be the bigger personality, Liza was really the closest thing in this game to a female strategist since Jillian was more about just competitions.

Aneal – It’s a similar story in that Aneal was memorable despite an early exit, and he also the fact that he was screwed thanks to a twist going for him.

Little to no shot

Andrew – Being cantankerous does not make you an all-star.

AJ – Neither does talking about yourself constantly in the third person, even if we do love AJ as entertainment.

Kat / Danielle – These two were both gone so quickly that they really did not matter at all.

Suzette – She basically gave up twice, even though Canada saved her one of those two times. No way she comes back.

Topaz – Not a viewer favorite, and production even seemed to be annoyed with her constant napping in the house.

Down the road, are there any of these houseguests that you’d like to see play again? We want to hear some of your picks below! Plus, you can also check out a schedule on the “Big Brother Canada” week ahead here.

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