‘The Following’ finale review: Did Ryan Hardy really stop Joe Carroll?

The Following“The Following” has at times been excellent, at times extremely disturbing, and other times completely nonsensical. Ultimately, we saw almost all of these feelings come to a head during the season finale Monday night, including an ending so shocking that we don’t really know what to make of it. For the latter, we had some strange moments, with the primary one being Joe Carroll being somehow fazed by Ryan Hardy making fun of his writing.

With that being said, this was an insanely intense hour of storytelling. The death of Agent Parker was in some ways expected, but there were a few moments where you genuinely believed that Hardy would be able to save her after she was buried alive. This caused him to become completely unhinged, and Ryan shot one of Joe’s minions in cold blood.

The way Joe went out was certainly the sort of thing you see time and time again in superhero tales. Rather than seeing the man go out with his body on the ground, it was instead with a fiery explosion. We may be able to assume that he is dead, but who really knows? That is the beauty of this sort of ending, and also the despair.

So there was an ending to the Joe story, but it is hardly one that was particularly happy. While Joe seems to be dead, there are followers still alive … and we saw the worst of it when Ryan ended the episode with a knife in his stomach, and with Claire getting the same treatment. Will they both survive? That is the cliffhanger until season 2, and it is a pretty devastating way to leave us for the summer. Why do this to us? After this season, we would have almost preferred a little more of a win.

What was your take on the finale for “The Following,” and did you see the ending coming? If you want to see what Kevin Bacon had to say about the end of the season, be sure to visit the link here.

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