The Winchesters season 2: The best new home after cancellation

The Winchesters season 1It has been a few days now since The Winchesters was canceled at The CW, but the push to save it is still very much out there.

With that in mind, let’s go ahead and raise a question that we have thrown out there on a few different occasions already. What would be the best new home for the Supernatural spin-off? There have to be some options out there, right?

The first thing that we should do here is go ahead and rule out any other major networks, mostly because the broadcast ratings for The Winchesters don’t really justify it ending up on a CBS or an NBC. However, it has a huge audience all over the world and an audience that enjoys streaming their favorite shows. With that, there are two options that really stand out from the pack.

HBO Max, soon to be named just Max – Remember that studio Warner Bros. TV shares  a parent company with the streaming service, so there are financial reasons for them to make the move. However, there are financial reasons for them not to also — namely, the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery has already been cutting a lot of content from the service.

Still, we have this vision in our head of The Winchesters working really well in a venue that would allow it to be even darker and more creative.

Netflix – Remember, they’ve been a great streaming home for Supernatural, and have shown a real affinity for this sort of content. This is the same place that has excelled with some other similar content like Lucifer and other programs that really test the imagination.

While other streamers are possible, we see it as unlikely. Apple TV+ does not tend to save other shows, and Hulu has no real business reason to want to do this.

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What do you think the best home is going to be for The Winchesters season 2?

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