Succession season 4 episode 8: Reflections from Jeremy Strong

Succession season 4We will be one of the first to admit that we relish getting new interviews from Jeremy Strong. How in the world can we not?

Over the past couple of years, we have learned a handful of fascinating things about the actor, but one of the biggest is just how fascinating of a person he seems to be in terms of what he puts himself through in regards to his craft. Method acting is polarizing, but we don’t think anyone can argue that the man does not care about his profession. He cares deeply, to the point where he puts everything into his parts.

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Just in case you want more evidence, just check out a new profile of the actor on CBS Sunday Morning, one that includes him paying a visit to a key spot from his childhood. You can see how much moments like this matter to him.

One thing that we do get in this interview that is rather valuable is some perspective from him about his long-term future. One of the biggest concerns that has been out there about his method is that at some point, he is going to get so deep into all of this that he will eventually burn out. How worried should we be about all of this? Well, Strong says himself that he’s not worried, since he does find joy in the result that he is able to bring to the screen — regardless of how exhausting it is.

Jeremy does seem happen to be moving forward from Kendall Roy, and we understand that. This is not a happy character, and there is so much suffering that often exists within everything that this character tries to do.

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What do you think we are going to see from Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy on Succession season 4 episode 8?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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