Blue Bloods season 13 finale promo: Jennifer Esposito featured

Blue Bloods season 13Last night CBS gave us the first Blue Bloods season 13 finale promo, and it shouldn’t be a shock they didn’t give much away.

What did they share? Well, let’s just say that it mostly was all about the presence of Jennifer Esposito, who is back for the first time in ages as Jackie, Danny’s former partner. This is a preview that was designed for the sake of nostalgia first and foremost, and there’s a lot of fun that should come from seeing these two partners together again. Also, remember for a moment that this does not mean that Baez will be MIA during the episode — that’s hardly the case! She is going to have a part to play in her own right.

We know that there are a lot of other guest stars who will be turning up over the course of this episode, whether it be Peter Herrmann, Stacy Keach, or even Sami Gayle for the first time in a while. Yet, the presence of Jackie helps the show come full-circle to where it was at the beginning.

This is where we do remind you for a moment that back when this episode was first written, there was no confirmation that there was going to be a season 14 renewal. With that in mind, what we think that the show set out to do here was deliver a finale that was absolutely satisfying just in case it was the end of the series. We’ve seen the show do that in the past as well. There aren’t always cliffhangers with Blue Bloods, and nor does there need to be.

At the end of the day here, we are prepared for a finale that is warm, familiar, but also still exciting and dramatic. Basically, a summary of everything this show often brings.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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