Big Brother Canada 11 interview: Daniel Clarke gives final 2 speech

Big Brother Canada season 11 logoIt is true that Daniel Clarke did not make the final two on Big Brother Canada 11, but he came so very close! The moment Claudia won the final Head of Household, we thought that there was a good chance that she would decide to take him. That didn’t happen and she chose Ty instead. Subsequently, she also lost with almost every vote, save for Shanaya, going in Ty’s direction.

So what would Daniel’s speech have been? We got a taste of that today in our exit interview, which includes a few other talking points, as well.

Matt & Jess – I know how many times you’ve applied to be on this show and how hard you worked. I also know that finishing in third place can haunt you. How are you today? Are you at peace, or replaying it?

Daniel – You know what? It’s crazy, but I’m surprised with the peace that I’m at with it because I am proud of the way I played. Looking at my endgame and the final four, I feel like I was set up that every single person would take me. For me to sit back and wonder what I could have done differently to get to that point, I’m not at the point where I’m thinking about where I went wrong. It was just the situation that happened. Even if I had other people [close to the end], those were people who may not have taken me because I was less allied with them. I’m proud of how I played so I’m at peace with it — for now! (Laughs.)

I gotta imagine you went through the speech you were going to say at final two time and time again. While nothing you can say now would replicate it in the moment, what were you planning to say?

Okay, let me think about the speech here … I was here to be representation that you don’t see not just on Big Brother Canada, but all of TV. I have been fighting to be in this seat for not just 70 days, but for the past 11 years. I have been watching and studying.

Ooh child, what else was I going to say? I was not going to be the Kevin Jacobs level strategist. I was not going to be the comp beast who broke records. But, if you look up social strategist in the dictionary, my name would be there in bold (laughs). I played this game genuine with myself, and stand up and stand true to my allies as much as I could in this game.

At the end of the day, I never needed to win competitions to get to where I am. I got here because I socially and strategically set myself up. I’m proud of how I played and how I represented myself and my family. Jury, I ask you tonight, let’s make history and crown the first POC Queer winner in not just Big Brother Canada history, but all North American Big Brother history!

Give me the one thing that you did in the house you are the most proud of, and that you’ll be bragging to people on the street about.

Daniel – The big move that I made was saving Ty, but my biggest [strength] was my social game, and being able to strategically set myself up. I was never the target and I was able to have shields in front of me on purpose. If one of my allies was going to go, and they kept going, I was making new allies. Even during the Circle K competition, I was not picked until there was nobody left to pick. Everyone saw were my alliances were — they saw me with Anika and Kuzie — but they still trusted me to be loyal to them.

What I’m proud of was that I positioned myself in a way where people trusted me, and I was able to keep moving forward.

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