Ghosts season 2 finale: Who got sucked off? Big cliffhanger!

Ghosts season 2Who got sucked off at the end of the Ghosts season 2 finale? That is the question we are left to wonder at this particular point.

Following the end of the episode, you can make the case for a number of different candidates. This was a story that gave you romance, cohabitation, closure, and also a little bit of fear. Somehow, this show manages to raise serious questions about the afterlife and “crossing over” without making things feel too dark. (Of course, we should say that the notion of getting “sucked off” means something very different within the world of this show than it does elsewhere.)

Hopefully, the start of season 3 will give us a few answers here, but there is a bittersweet feeling to this as a cliffhanger. While it gives you some hope for someone outside of Woodstone, it also means that we’d be losing someone onscreen. That’s hard to take, since we love the ensemble as it is. They have become their own family, and they are certainly our family that is fun to watch from the outside looking in.

We should note that of the possible Ghosts to be sucked off, Jay hopes that it’s Trevor, which means that it’s probably not Trevor. Could it be Nigel? Or, is it someone totally off the board?

Our theory

We wouldn’t be surprised if the ghost who ends up being gone was not set up all that much in the finale and rather, someone we’ll learn more about at the start of the season. Misdirection is a pretty powerful thing, right?

The hardest part

We will be waiting for a LONG time to get answers on all of this, and it is going to be made harder by the fact that we don’t have a clear sense as to when or how CBS is going to promote it.

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What did you think about the events of the Ghosts season 2 finale?

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