‘Game of Thrones’ season 3: Kit Harrington, Rose Leslie react to filming [spoiler]

JonAs we wrote about during our review of Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones” episode, Jon Snow truly had the opportunity to learn something during his time in a cave with Ygritte. While you could look at it as an R-rated showcase of some of what the show has done time and time again, you could also sit here and say that it was something else entirely: An opportunity to really see two characters start to fall for each other in what really is a very unforgiving world.

So what was the experience like filming these pivotal scenes in what was the bitter cold? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the man behind Jon Snow in Kit Harrington explained that it really was quite an experience to go through, and one that he was happy to provide for longtime fans of the George R.R. Martin books:

“That was incredible … It’s something I think we were blessed being able to shoot. That scene in this really dire, dark world where nothing good happens and there’s very little joy. That scene is one of the very few happy moments where you can escape from the grimness and horror of Westeros. We wanted to pay tribute to that scene because in [George R.R. Martin’s] books it’s so beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Rose Leslie (who ended up showing a good bit more skin than Harrington during the scene) was still very grateful for the opportunity to present this on the show, especially since the only thing that even comes close to this is what we saw from Robb Stark with his impromptu wedding last year:

“It’s a very beautiful scene and [nice things] don’t haven very often on the show … These characters are in their own little bubble, so to speak, there’s no corruption from the outside. It’s just two people falling in love. It’s very beautiful.”

Was this moment your favorite of “Game of Thrones” season 3 thus far, or are you rooting more for Danaerys’ total smack-down from earlier this season or the Jaime / Brienne bath scene? If you want to also catch a preview for next week, the best place to look is here!

Photo: HBO

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