The Blacklist season 10: Disproving the fake Reddington theory

The Blacklist season 10 artWe are now officially at the halfway point of The Blacklist season 10, and of course we tend to think there is some great stuff ahead. There are a lot of theories floating around out there already about what the next chapter of the story could look like, and one of the biggest ones is that the Reddington we saw at the start of the season with Aram was actually a fake — and with that, there are multiple instances of James Spader’s character out there in the world. (No, we are not talking about the version that we saw within “The Man in the Hat,” where another guy simply impersonated him for a few minutes with his clothing.)

So while this theory was certainly a fun one, do we have confirmation out there that it is kaput?

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The source for this piece is actually our own YouTube comments, humorous as that is to say. In response to the discussion above, Christine Gee (who serves as an episode director and script supervisor on the show) had the following to say about the fake Reddington theory: “BTW, that was the real Reddington in episode #1 who didn’t acknowledge Aram.”

Now, let’s clarify one thing — the “real Reddington” that Gee is referring to here is almost certainly a reference to the one we’ve been seeing throughout the series played by Spader. We do not believe she is referring to the actual Raymond Reddington who is Liz’s father. Now, we know it’s still fun to say that these two are one and the same, but there is evidence out there contradicting that and it would be hard to pull off such a reveal.

So, for now, we don’t think the Aram conversation from the premiere can be thought of as much of a breadcrumb from the future; if nothing else, maybe it was just a way to get Amir Arison back on the show briefly while also giving us an on-screen taste of Spader’s hiatus beard.

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What do you think we are going to see with Reddington through the rest of The Blacklist season 10?

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