Fire Country season 1 finale spoilers: More on Bode’s hearing

Fire Country season 1

As we do prepare for the Fire Country season 1 finale coming up on CBS later this month, there is one big question at the center. In the end, we don’t think it is an altogether hard one to figure out, either. Is there a chance that Bode is going to be able to get out on parole?

We know that from what we’ve seen this season, the character absolutely deserves it. Even though he may have his fair share of flaws, at the same time we also know that he is trying to turn his life around. He has also made significant strides saving lives and helping others out in the field.

It would be wonderful to be able to sit here and say that there are some answers coming to all of these questions over the course of the finale … but unfortunately, we are not anywhere near that lucky. What we can at least say, based on some of the photos that are out there for the finale, is that you will see a number of people within Bode’s inner circle be present for his hearing, including of course Sharon and Vince.

So what will make the final determination on his future? There are a couple of different elements to it. One of the big ones, at least for right now, is how he continues to behave out in the field. He took a pretty significant risk going at Sleeper, and we can’t exactly sit here and say with confidence that this person is 100% out of the woods at this point. Why would you feel that great about it at the moment?

The other part of it, tricky as it may seem, is that a lot of this comes down to the discretion of a judge. Sure, we think Body is worthy of having a chance outside of prison, but will they agree? Hopefully, a clear answer will surface a week from Friday!

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