Yellowjackets season 2: What does the stick-figure symbol mean?

Yellowjackets season 2We know that there are a multitude of great Yellowjackets season 2 theories out there, and that’s a part of what makes the show fun! For the sake of this article in particular, though, we want to discuss one that has generated conversation for ages: The stick-figure symbol.

This is something that has been in several forms and multiple timelines associated with the Showtime drama. Perhaps most notably, though, we saw on this past episode that Lottie’s compound is designed in a similar shape. There is a deliberateness to the image, and it is something that defines something mysterious and/or twisted about this world.

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So what exactly could it mean? Obviously, it is tied into the wilderness and perhaps Lottie’s inner state, but it is pretty clear that the producers don’t want that many people to know. Heck, some people who direct on the show don’t even know! That includes Liz Garbus, who helmed season 2 episode 6.

Speaking to Variety, Garbus had the following to say, while confirming that she does not have full confirmation what the symbol means:

“I have some thoughts … It’s nothing that I could explain. Even if I was allowed to explain it as something, I don’t think I could even explain enough to make sense to myself.”

So when will we get answers?

We’re honestly not even sure we will get them in the literal sense. The more likely scenario here is that we get some further clues that help us interpret it better. After all, we’re not sure that many characters will have a literal meaning for it.

While we do think that there are going to be some questions that Yellowjackets gives us a precise answer to (including the Antler Queen), don’t be shocked if some others remain intentionally ambiguous for a good while. That only adds to the show’s overall vibe and feel.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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