Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 9: Who will die next?

Power Book II: Ghost season 3

As we get prepared to see Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 9 on Starz, should we be prepared for more death?

Well, let’s go ahead and put it this way: We think that this is always the sort of thing you have to brace yourself for with this show. It has been a huge part of its DNA from the very beginning, and we’re in a spot where two more people in Cooper Saxe and Theo Rollins are seemingly off the board.

So who could be facing the guillotine next? Well, we think that Davis could be sweating given that there are so many bodies around him, but he still has a lot of value to others. He should be fine. Meanwhile, we do think that Tariq and Brayden remain untouchable, while Effie has other problems at the moment.

For now, is there a scenario where we lose Cane? As much as we don’t want that, he is going to react harshly to everything with Effie. This is where Lauren could also be in danger, since she is the one who directly implicated her. Jenny needed a win after failing to get Effie charged previously and now, she has that. (Sure, you can argue that Jenny could be targeted by a lot of people, but getting rid of someone in her position is pretty darn risky.)

Let’s also not forget at the moment that Dru is also emotionally vulnerable right now, whether it be losing his father or everything going on with Everett. He may act out in a way that puts a target on his back!

What we are really getting at here…

Nobody is all that safe, save for maybe the show’s biggest stars. Who knows, though? There’s still a chance that even Monet could be in jeopardy entering the finale.

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Who do you think is the most likely to die next on Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 9?

Share some of your thoughts and hopes below! Once you do just that, remember to come back for some other updates.

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