A Million Little Things series finale: Is Gary dead?

A Million Little Things season 5

We obviously knew entering the series finale for A Million Little Things that there were going to be a wide array of sad moments. That felt pretty inevitable when you consider the journey that we’ve been on with Gary. Last week, he decided to try to live out his final days on his own terms, as opposed to going off somewhere for an experimental treatment that may just cause him more pain and suffering.

So entering this episode titled “One Big Thing,” we imagine that we could be seeing the character on his deathbed — or, that the story could be starting off with him already gone. It was already pretty clear what the ending would be last week, but we didn’t necessarily think that the finale was meant to be a total tear-fest because of it. Gary’s legacy was one of levity and determination, and we thought that these would be the ideas reverberated through the story.

Above all else, we wanted the friendship that he had with a lot of these people to be honored in 100% the right way.

So what actually happened tonight? – Well, we did lose Gary, but it was far later in the episode than we would have imagined. Most of the episode was actually spent watching everyone say goodbye to him in a lot of different ways. There were a lot of sad moments, but there were some callbacks to the past and a real celebration of who Gary was a character for so many years.

Gary died around the people that he loves, and it feels like that is the most important thing — alongside, of course, a lot of the big friendships that were made along the way. We also flashed forward a good decade and a half to see Gary and Maggie’s teenage son.

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