‘Game of Thrones’ season 3, episode 6 preview: ‘The Climb’ brings back Theon

Alfie AllenJon Snow would be rather happy if he knew about some of these “Game of Thrones” episode titles right now. This week, it was “Kissed by Fire,” which was perhaps the second-best line of the episode save for quite possibly the best utterance of “you know nothing, Jon Snow” ever.

Moving forward to next week, we have a new episode in “The Climb” that seems to be partially based around the Wildings really embarking on what is perhaps their most dangerous journey yet. This is yet another chance for Jon to prove himself, though he may no longer need to as much as he once did after breaking one of the most-solemn vows of the Night’s Watch.

As for the story for the rest of the episode, one thing that we can surely guarantee is that we will see more of Theon Greyjoy, who was completely absent this past week thanks to there being so much more story elsewhere. This man has went through arguably one of the worst experiences imaginable as of late, and it is probably only going to grow more rough and ragged from here.

Plus, Robb Stark is going to pay a visit to Walder Frey in what is a pretty desperate attempt to land some soldiers to help his cause. Is this going to really work out well for him? We don’t want to give anything away, but we will at least promise that this is definitely a story to watch out for over the course of the next few episodes of the season. (A depressing thought: We are already halfway through these ten episodes.)

What do you think about this promo, and are you glad that the enigmatic story of Theon is returning? If you missed our full review for “Kissed By Fire,” you can check it out over here.

Photo: HBO

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