‘Big Brother Canada’ review: Do we praise Jemmett, or be annoyed by them?

Big Brother CanadaWe’re going to have a little bit more coverage soon of Sunday night’s “Big Brother Canada,” but it’s fair to say that it summed up what has in some ways been a pretty frustrating past few weeks. We’ve loved covering the show and the live feeds all season, especially since it has provided an adrenaline shot of entertainment through what has at times been a ho-hum spring lineup on network TV.

What are we talking about here? Really, it’s just seeing one simple thing in Emmett and Jillian continuing to win just about every important challenge in this game.

It’s annoying for the sake of keeping things exciting, but it also shows how strong the two as an alliance were in eliminating every enormous threat in the game. Peter and Alec were good in memory tasks, and they’re both gone. Meanwhile, they had Gary around for a Q&A (and he was gone for several weeks), and Talla who ultimately seems to be incapable of winning just about everything. Not only that, but you also have to applaud them for making sure that there is nobody left that has an alliance that is anywhere near as tight as their own.

With this master strategy in mind, the nominations of both Talla and Gary were no surprise at all.  Are you frustrated by Emmett and Jillian’s complete domination in this game, or does this make you really want to cheer for them even more? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read the last five-feed update from the show here.

Photo: Slice

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