A Million Little Things season 5 episode 13 (series finale): Best end

A Million Little Things season 5

What is the best possible end for the A Million Little Things series finale on ABC? It is certainly something to think about, especially right now!

Of course, we do have to start off this article by noting that there is going to be a certain element of sadness within this episode and as much as we’d like to imagine that won’t be the case, it is pretty darn impossible. Just consider what happened on this past episode with Gary. His cancer has come back, and at this point, he is just trying to enjoy however much time he has left. There is a lot of complicated emotions associated with this, since you can feel happy that he’s going out on his own terms but also sad that he’s dying at all.

As of right now, our feeling is that James Roday Rodriguez’s character will be gone before the final ten minutes of the episode. We do think it is necessary to get to what the best ending is for this show: A reminder that life goes on and lessons can be learned. The lesson of Gary is to live your life with passion and levity, and not worry as much about things you cannot control. He would want his friends to move forward and be happy, and that is what we expect from here.

With this in mind, the best ending for this show is a time jump of some extended period, and a way with that to really check in on where everyone is after everything that they’ve gone through. There will be some opportunities with this to see characters happy and really experiencing all of the various highs and lows of their lives all over again. Nothing is perfect, but we’d like to see everyone from Eddie to Katherine to Maggie (of course) to Rome doing what it is that they want.

Let’s hope for a few wonderful moments that tie this whole story together — and we know that Gary will never be forgotten along the way.

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