‘Bones’ finale spoilers: Emily Deschanel on changes to Brennan

BonesBefore we finally arrive to the “Bones” season finale airing on Fox Monday night, we find ourselves once again turning to series star Emily Deschanel for a little bit more scoop on what is going to happen with Booth and Brennan in the aftermath of Pelant’s latest attack. Will they both find a way to survive the episode? We hope so, especially since we don’t really have any idea as to how the show lives on without them. What is perhaps a more interesting question is if there is anything within the circumstances of this hour that causes either character to rethink what they want out of life.

If you have been reading our site at all over the past week, you know already that the subject of marriage is going to be on their minds, and that Brennan may be more open to things now than she once was. As Emily Deschanel explains in an interview with TV Guide, this is a woman who really has done major work over the years to evolve, and try to be something more than just what is expected out of her:

“There are big changes happening to Brennan … People can go their whole lives and never change who they are, but Brennan has really done work to change who she is. And circumstances in life have changed her without her intention.”

We can tell you that there will at least be a certain sense of resolution in some aspects of the finale, but at the same time expect to see at least a few things left open. After all, “Bones” season 9 has already been ordered, and the producers have to do everything in their power to encourage you to tune in!

If you want to watch a sneak peek from the “Bones” finale where Booth and Brennan’s marriage is in the forefront, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: Fox

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