‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 notes: Latest via Normal Reedus, Michael Rooker

Norman ReedusSadly, the “Walking Dead” stories that we are sharing at present have little to do with the two Dixon brothers coming back together … mostly because we know already that this is not going to happen thanks to that pesky little thing known as logic and Merle being dead. However, we do nonetheless have some of the latest stories regarding what the two actors behind the roles are saying now.

Let’s begin with Michael Rooker, who gave a pretty interesting comment to Conversations Live when it comes to the formation of the Merle character, and how he and Norman Reedus used an approach that was in many ways similar and yet different:

“I mean we built these two characters independently, yet at the same time, they came out feeling like brothers. Totally, these two guys felt like that we had grown up together. There was history. And how that works, you know, I’m not sure if anybody really knows. It’s just sometimes you jive with the material, you dig it, you jive with the other actor, man, and you’re just riffing on, and it just becomes this musical orchestra, a duet if you will. And we just hit it off you know on the set, and we just kept on doing it.”

Hearing these comments in some ways only serve to make us sadder, mostly because we know just how special the dynamic between Daryl and Merle was, and how we’re not going to see it on the show anymore. With that being said, Merle’s death may help Daryl to some extent move forward with a sense of purpose.

In moving forward with Reedus, the actor recently sat down alongside Sean Patrick Flanery for an extensive interview at Fan Expo Calgary, and we have a part of the video below. While there is a great chunk of the conversation geared understandably towards “The Boondock Saints,” it is still a pretty fantastic video worth checking out.

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Photo: AMC

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