Survivor 44 episode 10 preview: Is Carolyn on path to victory?

Survivor 44

As we prepare ourselves to see Survivor 44 episode 10 on CBS next week, can you argue that this is Carolyn’s game to lose?

On paper right now, it feels pretty easy to argue that. While she had a little bit of jeopardy here and there before the merge, she’s played about as strong a game as anyone can. She’s managed to keep a low profile, hide her immunity idol, and make sure that she is on the right side of the vote. She and her other former Tika players have all done their best in order to ensure that they keep the battle going between Ratu and Soka, but are they at the end of it at this point?

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As we move forward, this is where we tend to think that the game is going to be getting a little more daring for Carolyn because it has to. The Tika three is going to start becoming more and more of a target, and she will need to be careful in figuring out how to navigate some of these difficult situations with an idol.

If you are Carolyn, you want to hold onto it until the last week that she can play it — if she can survive everyone at that point, isn’t it all the more impressive? We tend to think so!

We already know that she’s got the likability factor on her side, and she is going to make a compelling emotional argument at the end of the season. However, there is one thing that she may still need to do: Get rid of Yam Yam before the end. The fear at the moment is that he’ll get credit for her moves; we know that he wanted Kane out more than she did, so he may try to claim that once we get to the end of the season.

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What do you think is going to happen with Carolyn moving into Survivor 44 episode 10?

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