Survivor 44 episode 9: Kane Fritzler voted out

Survivor 44

This week on Survivor 44 episode 9, there was a lot of great stuff — but also a huge decision to make when it comes to immunity. Who would give up a chance at winning in order to get some rice? This is one of those classic, oh-so-difficult decisions that everyone has to think a lot about.

At first, nobody among the players (other than a hungry Carson) was interested in sitting out. A lot of that changed the moment that everyone got to the rainy challenge, which was all about endurance and balance. Lauren and Carson were quick to sit out, and eventually they were joined by Kane and then Heidi. To be honest, we would’ve stunk in that challenge. (Danny and Carolyn both claimed that they wouldn’t vote out the people who sat out in the challenge.)

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This was a huge challenge that Danny needed to win and yet, that didn’t happen. Frannie bested him in the end and with that, secured her second individual win of the season.

At first, it did appear like this was going to be another conflict between Ratu and Soka tonight, which was a recurring theme from the past couple of episodes. However, Frannie had a slightly different idea: Split the vote between Carolyn and Yam Yam and from there, vote the latter out. However, Danny was not altogether psyched about that idea.

What happened at Tribal?

Well, this was a really chaotic vote but in the end, this was a goodbye to Kane. The Tika members showed their cards and with that in mind, the perceived threat found himself out of the game.

However, we still strangely find ourselves coming out of this thinking that it was not a great move for Soka to do this. Why not go ahead and go after someone like Yam Yam or Carolyn? They would not have expected it, and they are right in the middle.

What did you think about the events of Survivor 44 episode 9?

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