‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ rankings: The fog clears, but Penn Jillette still #1

All-Star Celebrity ApprenticeWe’re really starting to enter the home stretch for “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” which means that there are actual stakes now! No longer will being silly or causing drama get you to the end of the game. From here on out, it is all about task strength, except for maybe a little bit of a slice of “how famous are you?” to go along with. The only way Donald Trump would take someone other than one of his bigger stars to the end is if they created a lot of fuss all season long, or dominated so much that he could not ignore them.

The simplest thing to base these rankings on is simple: Who out of these people would be good finalists for the show, and who has performed well enough to make it there?

The rankings

6. Gary Busey (last week: 6) – Gary’s had a good run, hasn’t he? He’s brought us great entertainment, talked about shark farts and romance, and made a great habit of getting awkwardly in a relative strangers’ personal space. The truth is at this point, though, that Gary’s days in the game are truly numbered. He’s just not a strong enough competitor for Trump to seriously get him any closer to the finale, regardless of how much he may like him. We know that he is the Project Manager for his upcoming task, and if his team loses, he’s almost surely a goner.

5. Lil Jon (4) – This one hurts, because Lil Jon has been a personal favorite dating back to his first season. the problem is that we are not quite sure whether or not Trump wants anyone near the end of the game from that miserable team picked by Bret Michaels, and he is shockingly the only remaining member of it. Plus, he was desperate to have Brande Roderick bring him back to the boardroom.

4. Lisa Rinna (5) – Lisa’s done a very good job this season of doing all the work and doing it pretty well, even if she has not been that exciting every step of the way. The big problem we have with her right now is that she is probably not a finalist that America would get behind, and we all know that Trump wants the buzz.

3. Marilu Henner (3) – The same goes for Marilu, though we have found her to be infinitely more entertaining than we remember her being the first time around thanks to her strange, incredible memory. Trump could use another female winner to the franchise, but it’s probably not going to happen this season.

2. Trace Adkins (2) – It’s hard to deny that Trace is a great potential finalist for the show. While he has made mistakes, he’s undefeated as a Project Manager, has a great Rolodex, and has a loyal fanbase of country fans. Plus, this marks an opportunity to reverse what happened from season 1, when so many people were upset about Piers Morgan winning.

1. Penn Jillette (1) – Penn is the only other 2-0 Project Manager still on the show, and he’s made nary a mistake all season long. The only way we could feasibly see him losing this competition is if he makes a big mistake in the final few weeks, or if Trace just finds a way to knock the final task out of the park if he makes it to the end against him.

Who do you want to see win “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice”? We want to hear some of your thoughts in the poll below! Meanwhile, be sure to head over to this link to watch a clip of Gary going a little bit crazy in his PM role.

Photo: NBC

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