Star Trek: Legacy spin-off: Is there hope after Picard finale?

Star Trek: Picard season 3Following the Star Trek: Picard series finale on Paramount+, is there any hope for a potential Star Trek: Legacy spin-off?

Well, we should start off here by noting that as of this writing (which is immediately after Picard arrived on the streaming service), nothing has been confirmed about this project. As of right now, it exists mostly as an idea from showrunner Terry Matalas. We do think that a lot of people would be eager to jump on board, but it depends on what Alex Kurtzman and the folks at the streaming service want.

There is room for SO much nostalgia here, if we are to believe that the spin-off would feature Jack, Seven of Nine, and the crew of the new USS Enterprise. Potentially, you could then have some opportunities to see some other people from across this particular era of the franchise, which we do consider to be a golden age in some many ways. Viewers today really grew up on The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager — there is so much untapped potential.

Unfortunately, the #1 determination on making such a spin-off happen is ratings and for now, Paramount+ does not publicly share viewership data. Of course, we do think Picard is popular — but is it popular enough? Would a spin-off work without Sir Patrick Stewart around all the time?

What we can say

Season 3 of Picard is our favorite version of Trek in a rather long time, as it captured everything that made the aforementioned series special. We’ve also been a huge fan of Ed Speleers since his days on Downton Abbey, and we’ve watched him play a wide array of heroes and villains ever since. We’d love to see what he, Jeri Ryan, and plenty of other cast members could do.

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Would you watch a Star Trek: Legacy how following the events of the Picard season 3 finale?

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