Survivor 44 episode 9 preview: Aftermath of the idol move

Survivor 44Next week on Survivor 44 episode 9, what can you expect to see? Hopefully, a lot more activity than what we got this time around.

Let’s be real here for a moment — where was a lot of the action tonight? SO much of the hour was spent on the challenge and clearly, there were a lot of other things that happened on the beach that we just didn’t get a chance to see over the course of things.

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Well, after Danny effectively played his idol in order to get rid of Brandon, everything is going to be ratcheted up another level in this game. He is suddenly vulnerable and has a big move on his resume. Meanwhile, the remaining members of Ratu thought that they had everything figured out. The promo made it clear that for some (Kane), their eyes are open more than ever to everything else going on. There is probably another idol out there, and we assume that people are going to be scrambling for it. Meanwhile, it seems as though Carolyn is going to do everything in her power to go after Danny.

Out of everyone remaining, it does feel like there are some real players — and yet, that Tika “Three Stooges” trio of Carolyn, Yam Yam, and Carson are really running the show. The question just becomes how long they can make people not consider getting rid of them, since they all are eventually going to be aware that there are some threats on there.

In the end, what we’re most trying to say is that we’ve got a great foundation coming up now for the rest of the season, and we are very-much psyched to see where things are going from here.

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Is there anything that you most want to see moving into Survivor 44 episode 9?

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