SEAL Team season 7: David Boreanaz hypes up what’s ahead

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Production on SEAL Team season 7 is going to be underway before too long, but what more can we say about it in advance? Let’s just say that some of the best could be to come for Bravo Team … but that is provided that Bravo Team in its current form returns.

No matter what happens story-wise here, let’s just say that David Boreanaz is both ready and excited for viewers to see it.

In a new post today on his Instagram Stories, the series star and executive producer noted that the new season is going to be a “game changer.” What does that mean? There’s a possibility that there is some fundamental change to Bravo Team, even if the unit does not get split up. Meanwhile, it is also possible that there are some dangerous missions ahead or changes in the personal lives for some of these characters.

We don’t think anyone in Bravo is going to be forgetting about Clay’s death anytime soon, and what happened there could inform some of their own actions and decisions as the show moves forward. In the end, though, we also know that missions will never stop. Even as they continue to mourn, some new challenges await and we will have to wait and see what some of those are.

Based on at least our own estimates right now, we tend to think that season 7 will premiere on Paramount+ either in the late summer or the fall. Given the possibility of a writers’ strike later this year and some other factors, we do still think that a lot of different stuff is subject to change. Be prepared for that in advance here. We just hope that the story itself is as emotional, dramatic, and topical as everything that we have seen so far.

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What are you the most excited to see when it comes to SEAL Team season 7 over on Paramount+?

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