SEAL Team season 7: Is filming on the horizon?

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Are we getting close to SEAL Team season 7 production kicking off? While nothing is confirmed at the moment, there are reasons for optimism.

Take, for starts, the timeline that we’ve seen in the past. All signs, at least at present, tend to suggest that the cameras are going to be rolling for new episodes of the Paramount+ series before May comes to a close. Now, are there some mitigating factors here? Sure, with one of the biggest ones being that the television industry could be subject to a writers’ strike later this year. How that impacts things is still to be determined.

We do tend to think, though, that behind the scenes, Paramount+ really does not want to make things too different from what we saw back in season 6. That means getting the show on the air in late summer / early fall, and having a solid ten-episode run at a time where a lot of people will be paying attention. We already know that SEAL Team is one of the most loyal followings of any show out there, and we don’t expect that to change.

With there being discussions of possible international locations for season 7 already, we expect the same size and scope to what we saw in the past. Also, we are anticipating already that the premiere is going to address the hyper-intense ending to season 6, which saw the future of Bravo as a unit put into jeopardy. We could see a lot of different circumstances play out at the start of the new season, so let’s just hope that the writing gives us a chance to see new new challenges for Jason Hayes and the rest of the crew.

Of course, to go along with, we are equally hoping for a chance to see more of the brotherhood and these relationships. There is a greater depth to a lot of this than what you get almost anywhere else on TV.

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What are you most hoping to see over the course of SEAL Team season 7?

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