Snowfall season 6 episode 10 (series finale): How did it end?

Snowfall season 6

How did the Snowfall series finale end on FX tonight? We know that a lot of people likely came in with big predictions; yet, we tend to think many of them were proven wrong by the end of this 90-minute powerhouse of an episode.

After all, what we were most shocked to see is that there weren’t a ton of major deaths in the final episode, as the big one in Teddy happened the week before. Franklin Saint still did not end up with a happy ending, as he was broke, penniless, and paranoid when the show flash-forwarded in the closing minutes. He was staying in Cissy’s old house, which was crumbling and he wasn’t paying the property taxes. Franklin’s ending was a sad one, but also not surprising given how many people he pushed away in his quest for money and power. Just think about the scene with the safe during this episode.

Meanwhile, Louie ended the story on the run and totally alone, completely at the mercy of those she found along the way for survival. She is still out there, but she hardly has much of a life.

There was some more pleasant news out there. Leon has managed to make something of himself, and is giving back to the community in a substantial way. He also offered Franklin a job, but he wasn’t that willing to accept it. Wanda did go back to Ghana, or at least for a time. Her exact whereabouts, and the state of her relationship with Leon, are still not entirely clear — the writers left a number of things ambiguous.

Is anyone else out there happy that Gustavo has at least made it through? This show is a tragedy, but we do think there are a select few who will move on to tell the tale — but also try to take some of the lessons they learned and try to help others. We wish we could see some of these characters moving forward; alas, Wanda is the only one with a potential spin-off.

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What did you think overall about the Snowfall series finale?

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