‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Finally, the premiere title revealed!

Dexter“Dexter” has taken a very unusual route with some of its episode titles for season 8. Usually, you see them all fall into place in at least something close to sequential order, but here they’ve skipped completely over the season premiere to the extent that we have been receiving titles for around the middle of the final twelve episodes.

Well, we can now say that this has finally been rectified. According to a new report from show site Dexter Daily, the June 30 season premiere will carry with it the title of “A Beautiful Day.” We imagine that there is some irony there, but it is probably going to be dependent on who you are talking about.

For example, Dexter may genuinely think that a beautiful day of sorts is upon him. Deb killed the one person in LaGuerta who could have exposed him, and now he has an opportunity to sit back, enjoy his job, and watch his child grow up. While there is still that Dark Passenger floating around within him somewhere, he may be arguably at a better place than he has been in some time.

Unfortunately, for Deb this has to be the worst time of her life by far. She’s set to likely fall apart completely after pulling the trigger on the innocent police captain, and as much as she cared about and wanted to protect her brother, she didn’t want to kill for him. In the footage that we’ve seen from the season so far, she will have distanced herself from almost everyone, including several members of the force.

What do you think about this premiere title and do you have a guess on what it means? If you want to watch a jazzy new “Dexter” season 8 promo, all you have to do is pay a visit over to the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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