ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2, episode 19 review: Huck’s pain; Fitz’s confession to Olivia

Scandal“Scandal” season 2 may have been off the air for quite a long time, but on Thursday night, the show clearly returned with the biggest bang imaginable. What a jam-packed, stellar episode of the show this was. Not only did we have a fantastic flashback story for Huck, which was brilliantly acted by Guillermo Diaz, but there was some significant movement forward in the Olivia / Fitz relationship.

Let’s start first of all with Huck, since it really felt like much of the hour was really all about how he managed to become the cold, calculated killing machine that he is today. We saw him get completely devastated thanks largely to him being a good soldier, as his wife and his child were ultimately taken from him thanks solely to the fact that he wanted a life outside of work, and being locked up in a crate triggered the pain, suffering, and even insanity that was in his head.

As for Olivia and Fitz, the President finally made a big move and admitted his feelings for her while at her hospital bed. The problem with that? For one, Olivia, despite her heart saying “yes” to being with him, decided to say “no.” This act of┬ávaliance on his part caused him great pain here, and then even greater when Mellie finally made the move to leave him, and threatened a massive press conference exposing all unless some very specific demands were ultimately met. The President’s world is crumbling, and it is crumbling fast.

What did you think about this week’s “Scandal,” and are you shocked by everything that unfolded here? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read even more news when it comes to this episode here.

Photo: ABC

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