‘Dancing with the Stars’ judge Bruno Tonioli upset about ‘The Voice’ competition

Dancing with the StarsIf there is one thing that “Dancing with the Stars” has been defined for in the past year (save for the dancing), it is that the show has lost some of its public luster. Ever since “The Voice” became its competitor on Monday nights, it has been beaten in the 18-49 demographic. While the show has stayed competitive in total viewers, it is still nonetheless rather clear that this competition is keeping the ballroom competition as dominant as it used to be … and of course, someone is unhappy about it.

Speaking to the New York Daily News this week, show judge Bruno Tonioli had the following to say in criticism of the move, which he did while actually still praising NBC’s singing show as entertainment:

“It is stupid that NBC is putting on ‘The Voice’ in the same time slot as us. It is not fair for the viewers putting it on at the same time, they are the ones losing out. They don’t want to have to switch all the time.

“If we were on alone, then we would have 5 million more viewers. Our (show) is really good. I actually really like `The Voice.’ It is a very good show and great entertainment, and I am happy they are doing well. I just don’t understand why NBC put it up against us in that time.”

In the end, Tonioli may need to switch his thinking somewhat since NBC is winning, they do not really have a need at all to change their timeslot. However, “Dancing with the Stars” could consider a move to Tuesday nights, that way they no longer have to compete against the singing-show in the permanent capacity.

What do you think: Should “Dancing with the Stars” stay on Monday nights in the future? If you want to read the latest “Dancing with the Stars” results-show review, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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