ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 finale spoilers: Tough questions ahead for Castle, Beckett

Nathan FillionOver the past season or so on “Castle,” we’ve been rather lucky in a sense. While there have been moments that we have seen Castle and Beckett struggle as a couple, they have come mixed with such levity that we have never truly questioned whether or not they are a couple in any real danger of splitting.

However, it may start to be at the time now where you really have to wonder if they are going to make it all the way without some serious fighting and soul-searching. While the video games and Kate wearing Rick’s shirt may create little moments for the two, the real issue here is simple: Castle has not made it clear at all where the relationship is going, what he wants, or really anything that is in his heart save for some superficial stuff here and there. While millions of people may open up his mystery books, no one seems capable of getting him to actually open up.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, show creator Andrew W. Marlowe  did not tip his cap one way or another when it comes to the couple’s future. Nonetheless, he still made it very clear that the episodes ahead will find the couple in the toughest place that they have been at since they actually became an item:

“I think the finale’s goal is to ask some hard questions, and take a look at some preconceived notions and some assumptions that both characters may have that may or may not be accurate … I think whenever we go into a finale episode, of course, the fans should be worried about things. But what we’re trying to do is find honest organic storytelling that’s more complicated than ‘should we be worried’ because I think ‘should we be worried’ implies a binary outcome — either X happens to Y happens and I think we’re trying to tell a lot more complicated story than that.”

What is your overall level concern for the “Castle” finale, and do you think it’s time that Beckett really puts Castle to the coals over whether or not he can truly open up to her? If you don’t wan to think that far down the line just yet, you can also click here to check out a promo for Monday night’s upcoming “Still.”

Photo: ABC

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