Is Stephen Hill leaving Magnum PI, and is TC dead?

Magnum PI season 5

Is Stephen Hill leaving Magnum PI after the events of season 5 episode 9? If you are worried after what you just saw, we more than understand. How can you not be after that ending?

Well, we think we can spell out what happened in pretty blunt terms. In the closing minutes of tonight’s episode, TC found himself on the brink of death after he was attacked out of the blue. This came right after Detective Childs seemingly died in an explosion learning more about the people who were hunting Magnum and his friends.

It is clear at this point that someone is desperate to eradicate all of Captain Greene’s former team, and this is a story that is going to carry directly into the finale. If the writers wanted you incredibly concerned over what lies ahead, mission accomplished? We don’t know how else you can possibly view it at this point.

As for whether or not this is the end of Stephen Hill on Magnum PI, let’s just say we’re pretty hopeful that TC survives. He is obviously in bad shape, but we can’t imagine the show being that eager to take out a core cast member after everything that was done to save it. Also, those of you who have been keeping up with season 5 production (which wrapped recently) know that Hill has been on set over the past several weeks. Unless he and the producers are really good keeping a secret, we tend to think that TC will make it through.

Rather than being super-concerned over the TC character’s fate at the moment, we’d be a little more concerned with this: How will he, Magnum, and Rick get out of this situation? Just how worried should you be for their long-term future? It’s possible this story could be wrapped up in episode 10; or, it could extend into the next part of the story.

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How worried are you about the future of TC after watching Magnum PI season 5 episode 9 over on NBC?

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