1923 season 2 episode count: A hope for even more?

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As so many of you more than likely know at this point, 1923 season 2 is 100% on the way over at Paramount+ — it is mostly a matter of when. Even if most of the headlines out there at the moment are geared towards another show in the greater Yellowstone franchise, that doesn’t change anything … and more should it.

Back when the renewal for the second season was first announced, we got the impression that we’re looking more likely at another eight-episode batch, which is fairly similar to what we got earlier this year. What we are curious about at present is rather simple: Could that change? Or, should we expect to be locked in to this whenever Harrison Ford and the cast comes back?

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We should, of course, note that if you are hoping to get more episodes of the series beyond eight, how could anyone blame you? This is a really successful show and demand is always a good thing. Yet, we wouldn’t have super-high expectations on this for a few different reasons.

Take, for starters, there is only so much work that individual humans can do. Taylor Sheridan has to balance this out with Yellowstone, and then Ford + Helen Mirren have to balance this out with the other projects that they have. We also can’t lose sight of the fact that this is meant to be a finite story. From the very start, this was not a project designed to go on and on forever. We are prepared for that and yet, it doesn’t make the thought of losing the show down the road any less sad.

If Paramount+ achieves what they are setting out to here, the end of 1923 should leave you wanting more — which, in some way, you’ll get! It just won’t be with this particular cast. There are plans already for other prequels, but there is no timeline as to when we will get them. The hope, at least for now, is that we will get the second season over the next twelve months.

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Is there anything that you are most hoping for from 1923 season 2, no matter how many episodes it is?

Go ahead and let us know below! Once you do, come back for all sorts of other great updates.

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