Snowfall season 6 episode 10 run time: An extended series finale?

Snowfall season 6

Given that Snowfall season 6 episode 10 is going to be the series finale, we of course are wondering about a ton of different things.

Of course, the run time for the episode has to be high on the list. When you look at the vast majority of series finales (or at least the ones on cable), they have one thing in common: Running longer than your standard hour of TV. There are several reasons for that, including the need to tie up loose ends and the network being a little more willing to allow that to happen.

Well, now we can sit here and say that FX is apparently doing that and then some with Snowfall, which has a final episode ahead titled “The Struggle.” According to the network’s official listings at present, the run time for this episode is slated to be a solid hour and thirty-three minutes. That could always change, but it makes some sense given that many episodes so far this season have already been extended in some form. Also, remember for a moment where the story left off — Teddy is seemingly dead and Cissy is behind bars for shooting him. Meanwhile, Franklin has to figure out what he wants to do do moving forward. Is he going to want to flee Los Angeles, or continue to try and get his money back … even to no potential avail?

No matter what happens, it does feel pretty fair to say that there are huge moments ahead and we are probably building towards some sort of tragic ending, mostly because that has been the setup here for some time. What happened to this community is devasting and at this point, the only thing we hope is that a few more people are around to try and tell the tale.

(Oh, and we know Wanda is probably surviving, given the talk about a potential Gail Bean spin-off.)

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What do you think we are going to see by the time that Snowfall wraps up on FX?

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